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No Place Like Home

When I was a child I lived 'behind the shop', in the back of a general store (or 'dairy' as we call them in New Zealand) in a mostly Maori village that was deluged with tourists in summer. It was an unusual time, to say the least!

And, many years later, I lived in Australia.

We went back recently, and were able to visit a couple of our old (and tiny!) homes in Sydney. I remember how I used to carry Daughter-One on my back and on trains across the city at the crack of dawn so she could still stay at the same preschool and I could get to work on the other side of the harbour. Not sure how I did it!

For both these layouts I used the new "No Place Like Home" digital scrapbooking kit that is in store at The Lilypad.

Thanks for looking! :-)

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