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Something happens when you create with photos

Sometimes when we take photos we try for the perfect ‘aesthetic image’, annoyed if a car drives by and ‘spoils’ it, or strangers are in the shot.

And while I love a beautiful landscape shot as much as anyone, I try to remind myself that in years to come, it is often the details like the cars and the clothes the people in the background are wearing that really set the scene and say so much.

And we are schooled to think that the ‘best’ family photos have everyone in neutral, usually white outfits. But, I mean, look at those woolly hats in the photos of my sister and I with my Dad on a winter outing! They look like my mother knitted them from a ‘Woman’s Weekly’ magazine pattern, or bought them from someone who did.

It’s all pure ‘70s.

But another thing happens when you sit down to create with photos (especially older ones). You not only notice details in the photos that may have passed you by before, but you also start to put the images captured into context.

They get more and more layers of meaning as time passes.

These photos, for example, I had not seen for years, but as I made the page with them I started to muse about how they captured a brief period of time when my parents were still excited about moving to a new country and we went on some fun family trips. I realised I remembered them vividly, and that was partly because within a short time they bought a country store and worked 364.5 days a year (we had Christmas afternoon off) and the family outings and holidays came to a complete stop. I recorded that in the journaling that will be in the photobooks that make up a visual history of our lives.

‘Elk State’ collection

I made a conscious effort to go on lots of outings and adventures and travel once I had a family of my own. I think they pretty much took it for granted, but sometimes when I think about how the world is now I am glad the youngest especially got to see the world (sorry, that’s a bit dark!)

A family photo taken by a kind stranger, Lake Tahoe

I used the new “Elk State” collection. On the first Friday of the month all the designers at The Lilypad are given a palette to work with to create elements, kits and collections that all work together, enabling you to ‘Build Your Own Collection’. And BYOC time also means extra savings **

This month’s palette’s beautiful rich late-Autumn colours inspired “Elk State” - and it’s 40% off this weekend

The whole collection includes the digital backgrounds (‘papers’) plus fun elements and mixed media elements (paints).

But you can also buy the mixed media transfers on their own OR a kit option (just the papers and elements)

** The Mixed Media and the kit are also eligible for ‘buy more, save more’ additional discounts if you buy from other designers as well, but the bundle will not count towards ‘buy more’ discounts

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