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Summer scrapping your way

There’s nothing that says summer quite like blue. Blue skies, blue seas - plus a splash of sunny yellow or bold red.

It was a colour combo I saw all over Greece this month…

But you’ll also find it in surf towns with a retro vibe, hot days by the pool and on a tropical beach.

Makaleha collection

On the first Friday of the month all the designers at The Lilypad are given a palette to work with to create elements, kits and collections that all work together, enabling you to ‘Build Your Own Collection’. And BYOC time also means extra savings.

These gorgeous classic summer colours were this month’s palette, and inspired the new ‘Makaleha’ collection …

The whole collection includes TWO big packs of digital backgrounds (‘papers’) plus fun elements and mixed media elements (paints).

But there are also two economical options to get either the more arty ‘mixed media’ papers plus the elements OR the traditional cleaner papers plus the elements.

** The Mixed Media (20% off) and the two kits (both 28% off) are eligible for ‘buy more, save more’ additional discounts if you buy from other designers as well, but the bundle represents savings of 50% over standard prices although will not count towards ‘buy more’ discounts

Here’s just a few of the amazing creations my friends have created with it:

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