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TWO new collections, templates and lots of CU

Yes, it's DSD weekend at that means lots of new designs and a 40% off storewide sale.

I have two new collections in store:

The Forage Collection comes as separate papers, elements, brushes and paints - or in this 'best value' bundle.

The "Bring Me Comfort" collection also comes as separate papers, elements, brushes and paint or as the kit or bundle:

This amazing photo of my mother at the motel they stayed in on first arriving in New Zealand went a little vital in New Zealand this week, and the internet sleuths worked out that it was the South Pacific Motor Inn. Google Maps shows it is derelict rental/emergency housing now if not demolished in the last year, but I am going to drive and check it out.

There are also new Journal Cards:

And TWO new Prefab templates. Prefab Pockets No3: Nest:

There is lots of new commercial use/personal use designs too:

Happy DSD weekend!

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