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What goes into a digital mixed media kit?

How do my digital mixed media collections come together?

One of my Mother in Law's slides from her big trip to Europe

My new “Natura” collection at The Lilypad is a good example of how I combine photos of textures harvested from all over the world (am loving the ones I photographed in France this year!) with scans of my own creations with ink (see the spotted background above that includes spots made with a foam dapper and ink). Add to that torn paper and cardboard pieces, and fragments of authentic vintage text and even Victorian wallpaper design.

Basically I get messy and covered with ink, and spend hours sourcing textures and vintage imagery, so you don’t have to. ;-)

Roll on creating unique creations - for your wall or for your photobooks or just for the love of it - using the various resources in each collection.

One for the wall and for the calendar I make every year (with a copy for my parents). This is me with the possum that visited our house each Christmas …

‘Natura’ collection

On the first Friday of the month all the designers at The Lilypad are given a palette to work with to create elements, kits and collections that all work together, enabling you to ‘Build Your Own Collection’. And BYOC time also means extra savings.

This month’s palette featured soft, autumnal pastels that led me to create this nature-themed collection - “Natura”

The whole collection includes the digital backgrounds (‘papers’) plus fun elements and mixed media elements (paints).

But you can also buy the mixed media transfers on their own OR a kit option (just the papers and elements)

** The Mixed Media (20% off) and the kit (28% off) are also eligible for ‘buy more, save more’ additional discounts if you buy from other designers as well, but the bundle represents savings of 50% over standard prices although will not count towards ‘buy more’ discounts

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