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Who are you now?

It's M3 (Mixed Media Monthly) time at The Lilypad, and we have lots of messy, artsy goodies on the theme of change and growth and new directions.

Or just for scrapping fun summer photos!

There is the full Mixed Media Monthly collaboration kit, packed full of papers, elements, journal cards and alpha.

Are you a different person from who you were last year, last decade ... or even before the past few crazy months?

These past couple of years have taught me a lot about our capacity for growth and change no matter how old we are, but also how some things about us never really change (although how we think about those sometimes challenging parts of ourselves can certainly change and that makes all the difference).

I've certainly learnt a lot about the twists and turns and unexpected paths life can take us on - as we all have ...

Plus, there's my own add-on kit ...which also comes as separate papers and elements:

You can also get it as separate papers and elements:

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