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Celebratory .. and messy

It's an exciting time around here for our youngest who is heading off to High School (as they do here in New Zealand at 13). It took a long time to find a dress for her graduation from primary school (aka elementary school) at the end of last year, because even though she is taller than me there is no way she could fit a woman's dress from the local shops. I finally found a glittery moon and stars dress online - very appropriate given her love of astronomy and astro-physics. I must have been channeling the glitter when designing this week's kit:

There's also a co-ordinating card set:

And the mess comes in the form of a new set of pocket style templates with messy stitching and paint spatters:

And here are the special photos - scrapped:

Plus some other favourite photos as well:

Also new to The Lilypad are my Home Handyman element set, some templates for ripped and stitched paper pieces and a new set of bracket date stamps:

You can see them used here my me:

And check out the gallery at The Lilypad to see some amazing layouts by the team.

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