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Blocked it (and Love on sale!)

Every year in England and New Zealand (and probably in Australia as well) there is a designated "book day" when the children dress up as a favourite book character and parade about. Daughter-Two has been a fairy, and a witch and a Warrior cat - but last year the shopping list was very simple. A white shirt and a gun. She was going as Artemis Fowl, criminal mastermind. She could fit into my work jacket (!) and the tie we made from some old black felt we had lying around.

The highlight of the day is usually seeing what costumes the teachers have come up with:

I scrapped them with my "Color Blocked it" template album, now in store at The Lilypad:

But, if you are feeling a little more romantically inclined with Valentines Day approaching, there's plenty of love themed new stuff too - and it's all included in the Valentines' sale

I had fun creating with them:

Plus there's also some brand new frames and brushes.

Daughter-Two's layouts are getting a little less pink and girly these days ....

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