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The world is an infinitely better place ...

When we were in England a year ago, The Husband was given the choice of where to go one day. He picked Bletchley Park, the wartime home of the codebreakers led by Alan Turing. We had not yet seen the movie set at Bletchley Park ("The Imitation Game") but it was still fun to see - and sit in! - the sets which were included in the exhibition ... and Daughter-Two cried at the quote prominent on the wall.

It was (along with lots of episodes of Downton Abbey) the inspiration for one of my favourite kits, which is now at The Lilypad. It's great for scrapping travels to England, but it's also perfect for lovers of BBC TV, domestic goddesses and anyone wanting a retro 'make do an mend' feel to their layout:

And somebody totally trashed the office this week as well:

Plus there are some twirly, swirly brushes:

And a whole lot of templates!

And, finally, a new mini-kit:

(Subscribers to my newsletter received this as a gift)

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