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Mid-century Retro

There is something about mid-century design that has always appealed to me. My friends and I used to scour the thrift shops for dresses just like those our grandmothers or mothers would have worn. And when we were looking for a house a couple of years ago I would have loved a mid-century classic to do up and furnish with a retro twist (but every one we looked at was either perched right on top of the main faultline or needed at least $150,000 spent on it.) I failed at that, but I can create a mid-century inspired kit to scrap with - and it is in store at The Lilypad today.

Pamela Kit from Lynn Grieveson Designs

It's my own favourite kit to scrap with:

But it's not the only retro kit coming to the store:

Big Sky kit

And it's equally fun to play with:

And, finally, two new template sets as well:

captured templates

Springboard No8

~ Lynn

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