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Life in Pictures

That's what scrapbooking is all about really, isn't it? Telling stories about your life (or the lives of those you love) ... usually with pictures. I have made several albums for my parents of trips they have taken, but last year I made them two very special photobooks. I called them "chocolate box albums" because, just like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get (in this case, when you turn the page). I scanned a whole bunch of the old photographs they have given to me for safekeeping, and then I scrapped them in no particular order using the "Life in Pictures" templates

It is ideal for a "50 years in 50 photos" album and just maybe I'll finish The Husband's album before he reaches that milestone! I still have some time in hand ...

But you could also use it for a "Christmases through the years" album - or just a wonderful collection of random favourite photos

The templates are now in store at The Lilypad - and 50% off for Wednesday only. Plus the Forecast kit is also in store and half price for one day:

~ Lynn

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