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A steep and rocky memory lane

That's my sister and I with our Dad climbing up to the Castlepoint lighthouse. We spent most summers there when we first moved to New Zealand, as my Dad's boss had a tumbledown beach cottage that they lent us. I haven't been back for (cough) over 40 years but The Husband insisted on getting out of town since it was a beautifully sunny holiday weekend: Queen's birthday weekend in fact. The path up to the lighthouse is now less rough and rocky - though no less steep - but the landscape still incredibly dramatic.

I scrapped the photos with the new Messy Pockets templates No.04 and the Blue Skies journal cards, new in store at The Lilypad today

Plus I scrapped the insistence of The Husband and Daughter-Two on hot chips whenever we go to the beach. (In this instance they proved so drastically disappointing they ended up in the bin!)

I used the other new templates:

~ Lynn

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