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Parade Days

We don't do flags very well here in New Zealand. The one we have got still features the Union Jack, even though we have long been independent of Britain. And it looks so similar to the Australian flag that most people would be hard pressed to pick between the two in a line-up. They tried to get rid of our boring old flag a few months back, throwing open the design competition to everyone, resulting in such popular favourites as "Fire the Lazar"(sic), described by its designer as "so powerful it does not need to be discussed" ...

You can buy it on a T-shirt now, but sadly the NZ Olympic team won't be marching into the stadium carrying it. Out of over 10,000 entries a panel (selected by the government and including no-one with design experience) chose a shortlist of 5, which included the infamous "hypno-flag".

The final contender was much less controversial, and even its designer said it would make a great beach towel. The public decided that wasn't want they wanted in a flag, and voted to stick with the old one. The US flag is, of course, much more iconic. And I am looking forward to seeing everyone's July 4th day layouts in the galleries. I have brought to The Lilypad the "Parade Days" kit I designed for our travels to the States. (I am a little sad "Fire the Lazar!" didn't win our flag competition as I would pay good money to see a parade of people waving that) PS there's a new element pack too:

~ Lynn


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