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Dancing and designing

I love that for a while my mother was so enthusiastic about what they now call "enrichment" - taking us to ballet and tap dancing and gym classes. It was only for a few years, then it slipped down the priority list. But it was long enough for me still to be able to embarrass my girls with renditions of "On The Good Ship Lollipop".

At the time I didn't thank her (in fact, probably asked her to stop taking me!), as I was no Shirley Temple, with my knobbly knees, hacked fringe and ever-present fear that I didn't really know what I was doing. By high school I would have liked to get involved in the school musicals, but with lived out of town by then and there was no-one with the time to take me to the rehearsals. I made up for it with my two, for as long as they would let me!

This week's new Design Story kit is all about the dance:

And a new set of Design Story templates too:

Here's how I used the templates:

And, as a Easter treat, a remix of some cute older kits with a sweet treat theme:

Some wonderful inspiration from the team and the Pollys:

Happy scrapping! ~ Lynn


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