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Marina del Rey

One of my favourite design genres is the 1950s "tropicana" style which drew heavily on the previous heyday of Chinoiserie and tropical motifs from the early days of colonialism. It was the inspiration for my Marina del Rey collection, which is half price this week. Which is appropriate as I have just got back from staying in a colonial bungalow in a tropical jungle!

We swapped (literally) our house in the city with this home of a family in Singapore. It was a great break - even if the jungle around was surprisingly noisy at night! Singapore is such a busy, bustling city that it was amazing to be somewhere so different. (Unfortunately now I am back to the reality of a New Zealand winter and the alarm going off at 6am, which feels like 2am .. oh well!) When I come to scrap the trip I might turn to Marina del Rey:

The accompanying template set is lots of fun too:

And if you want something with a beachy vibe, these papers are half price too:

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