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Scrap your Summer

Ready to scrap your summer? Or maybe you want to make use of the "Winter and Christmas" sale at The Lilypad and catch up on scrapping your winter! Any photos at all will work with this week's new templates.

I actually used them to scrap our bonus summer trip across in Australia (where all my in-laws now live)

They feature painted clipping masks that can be used for photos or for patterned paper. I share some of the ways I use them in a "watch me scrap" video of this page:

I like to stick with white backgrounds for my travel photobooks, though these templates do feature a painted background layer which I changed to a soft fairly neutral colour into which I then blended the photos (clipped to the messy masks) using various blend modes:

Just clip and merge your photo and the clipping mask then play around with all the different blend modes - color burn, hard light, overlay etc etc - to see which one you like the best. (And you can always "layer them up". If you like the effect of one blend mode but it's a bit too "extreme" then just duplicate the layer and put the top layer on "normal" or another blend mode and reduce its opacity until it looks perfect.)

You can even use a photo as the background, as I did here:

But the possibilities are endless ... you can use the blended style spots for patterned paper instead, as Christa did here:

EHStudios even used one of the photo mats for fun patterned paper and went for a gorgeous bold background in her second page:

And look at this gorgeous page with lots of goodies added by Anne :-)

And even more goodies and a one photo layout from layering guru Iowan!


How has your week been? Mine has been pretty crazy with the return to work and winter. At least there was some blue sky above the fog!

And I have been working on the upcoming BYOC ('Build your Own Collection") at The Lilypad - wait until you see the colour palette: it is absolutely gorgeous!

Happy Scrapping! ~ Lynn

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