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It's getting messy!

I have been breaking out the ink and the brushes (and also the seedheeds and the twigs from the garden!) to create another set of unique mark-making brushes.

They are lots of fun to play with, and use on your layouts or (if you are a designer) to make papers and paint transfers.

(by EllenT) I think I am the 'crazy little thing' in this layout. I barely reach her shoulder these days!

And there is a set of templates in store too, which I think I am going to be using a lot!

My first pages were for Daughter-Two's "age five" album. (She was a lot smaller then!) She had a lot of fun at her first big birthday party. She especially loved the bouncy castle/slide although it deflated rather rapidly as the party came to a close. I have a horrible feeling it was the safety pin that had been holding up her skirt that was the culprit! (I've never confessed that before!)

And here's a great one by Sucali:

As well as getting messy with ink I have been working on next week's "Build Your Own Collection". AND I had a great win finding a replacement 100 year old clawfoot bath (it's a rich shiny green and GORGEOUS) to replace the wrecked old one in the bathroom. Trouble is, I haven't been as successful at arranging a plumber to come and swap them over so we have had a bath in the hallway for a week. (No garage or basement for us!)

~ Lynn

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