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We are explorers

When I was a child my mother subscribed to the English "Look at Learn" magazine for me, and I would pour over it. Often they would have features about interesting and unusual places around the world and I found those especially fascinated. Growing up in remote and quiet New Zealand (where we moved to when I was little) you felt you could never be quite sure the rest of the world existed outside of the pages of books or on TV. One month the article was about the Haw Par Villa, built with the "Tiger Balm" fortune by a Singapore entrepreneur and featuring colorful statues in grottoes illustrating the fate of sinners. I had almost forgotten about it (and had forgotten it was in Singapore) until we ended up living in Singapore decades later. We visited but it was almost abandoned. Now it's been revived and revamped and we had a great time exploring with Daughter-Two when we were back in Singapore a couple of months back. We also spent a lot of time taking photos at the Botanic Gardens:

And we were staying in an old house in the middle of a patch of jungle, which was very different from our previous experiences in Singapore!

I have been scrapping the trip with my new photobook templates and new "Pocket Bits":

My parents explored the Hoover Dam on a trip to the US ... (You can see how the shadowing and lifting are optional on the templates)

The creative team and the Pollys have been exploring too. Yellowstone Park:


The London Eye:


The Australian coastline:


Stunning displays:

The fun of gardening ;-)

... and getting older!

Happy scrapping Lynn

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