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Look around ...

This was a LONG time ago, and looking at the pictures now it's interesting how much worse the air quality was then than it is now... although still not as bad as Australia at the moment though :-(

I also look way too young to be off travelling the world by myself!

My new kit this weekend is inspired by my favourite retro English design style. I hope you like it. I had a lot of fun scrapping with it.

Here's Daughter-Two and I after her Dad roped us into a long hike back in 2013:

And, yet further back, my sister and I enjoying the novelty of snow for the first time ever (that we could remember anyway - being too young to remember English snow from early childhood!):

And my two having fun in Germany last year ...

The new collection can be bought as separate papers and elements too, if you wish:

I'll leave you with some inspiration from the Pollys and the team using the new designs.

Have a great weekend :-)

~ Lynn

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