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The Long and the Short of It

This was last year in Australia, when we brought Daughter-Two along on a work trip back when we could still travel - but in the middle of forest fire season :-0

We are lucky here in New Zealand that we can STILL travel within the country (at the moment at least). I just got back yesterday from doing just that. A ''summer holiday" that mostly looked like this:

(To be fair, not sure what I was expecting given the next landfall after this is Antarctica - but I wasn't expecting to spend most of a "height of summer" trip in a puffer jacket that I only chucked into the suitcase at the last minute!). I think this photo pretty much sums up my feelings, as I rested the ankle I sprained on the first day  ;-)

 I was fun being away together, though, as always.

I am catching up on scrapping our recent memories, and using the new photobook templates that are fresh in store today:

This was before I went off to Europe by myself early mid-2019. We three had a weekend away, a good chance to reconnect.

This is moving out of the old family house into the downtown apartment where we are now. It was 7 years since I photographed Daughter-Two in an empty house the last time we moved, so I snuck that pic in too. She was a lot more help this time!

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