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Not everything goes as planned ...

It is officially Autumn here in New Zealand, although we are still having some wonderfully hot and sunny days. But I do feel that I was robbed of summer after a disastrous attempt at a summer break in the sunny North. After spending Christmas with family we got quite a way on our drive North before The Husband admitted to a nagging doubt that he hadn't actually booked the holiday home. A search of his laptop confirmed that we had nowhere to go, so we turned tail and headed back home (since the weather forecasts were for rain for the next week anyway). Instead of sunning ourselves on a remote subtropical beach we found ourselves driving through depressed rural towns in the rain, and sleeping in an off-season ski chalet that was far from five stars. But it still had to be scrapped:

I used the March of Life journal cards, which are now in store at The Lilypad and 50% off for SOSN Wednesday:

Along with the March of Life minikit and a mega pack of phrase and journal tags:

Lynn :-)

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